Political scientists have told, what do you expect from Putin’s press conference

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Archival photoPolitical scientists have told, what do you expect from Putin’s press conference© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin, scheduled for December 14, will be the starting point when switching attention from external political agenda for the election, so basically will prevail issues related to the increase of salaries, pensions, health and population policies, according to political analysts interviewed by RIA Novosti.

Experts do not exclude that some members of the media will ask the President uncomfortable questions, for example, Ksenia Sobchak, whose name appears in the list of accredited journalists who can engage with Putin in the debate, thus giving a start to the pre-election debate.

Election issues

According to political scientist Alexander Konkova, the distinguishing feature of this press conference from the previous will be «election issues». «You will hear messages related to the main target groups of the population that the President is going to stake during his election campaign,» he said.

The expert added that although questions on foreign policy will be a lot, as it ended in a military operation in Syria, and Ukraine «does not give anyone to get bored», but still the press conference will be «the starting point of a gradual shift of attention from external political agenda on the inside». «Because the campaign requires answers to questions that concern people living in the country,» explained Skates.

Supervisor regional projects, the Expert of Institute of social studies (AISI) Andrey Kolyadin believes that without attention will not remain the theme of the removal of Russia from the Olympic games, which divided the society. «Initially, Mr Putin took a very close to my position and said that the athletes should not suffer, so I think that another point will be placed on this press conference,» — said the analyst.

In turn, the Vice-President of the Center for political technologies Alexey Makarkin also suggested that domestic politics will be the main topic of the press conference. «Of course, there is the theme of the departure from Syria of a main part of the Russian contingent, there are other high-profile topics, but if we look at the priority topics for citizens, domestic prevail. Themes are associated with wages, prices, pensions, health care…, perhaps there will be questions on demographic initiatives,» he said.

The beginning of a debate and intrigue extension

During the conference, as predicted by political analysts, may sound and a couple of loud statements that will be discussed long enough. «In the framework of the election campaign, he told God to turn this event into a campaign’s strengths, and this requires a bright point, bright events,» said koliadyn.

According to the Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin, the press conference will lift the veil of secrecy over the question of the form of the nomination of Putin in the presidential election. «I think so. Here guessing is not particularly necessary. Of course, but what else is a press conference needed? For these purposes», — said Mukhin, answering the question will tell whether Putin about how to go to the polls.

Experts do not rule out that the press conference will launch the debate of presidential candidates as per the list of accredited journalists listed Ksenia Sobchak, who declared his intention to run for presidential elections.

«This introduces more intrigue because the beginning of the debate, say, between potential candidates, it may be necessary already at this press conference,» — said Mukhin.

According to him, the presenter will try to ask the President not a comfortable question, perhaps, about the work of Cyril Serebrennikov. «I think she will not pass by this issue, especially since Vladimir Putin will respond predictably to this question because the investigative actions did not allow to lift the veil over this mystery, but Sobchak aims to put Vladimir Putin in an uncomfortable position, just to hypnoti on this,» explained Mukhin.

Makarkin noted that whether Sobchak microphone or not, will increase or decrease her chances to participate in the presidential race, as a registered candidate.

«It is such an indicator, will she be able to participate in the election campaign. Ie if she gave the word, its chances of registration are significantly increased. That interest is impossible», — he stressed.

The President of Fund «the Petersburg policy» Michael Vinogradov expressed the opinion that your question Sobchak still ask. «Obviously, if called, give the word, that is obvious. As it was last year with Kudrin and other prominent figures. In principle, such quaidabad would be useful, because after all, one way or another, Putin’s debate, we don’t remember. And this element of the debate would be useful, although it does not imply consent to Putin’s pre-election debate with other candidates, despite the fact that they are, in my opinion, would be useful,» he suggested.