Scientists have discovered a new way to lose weight

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Scientists from the state University of new York found that it is possible to overcome the feeling of hunger by stimulating neurons. The study is published in the portal PHAS.

According to University staff, people, like animals, are prone to emotional eating, even when they are not hungry. And because you need to affect the limbic system, which is responsible for the senses, as well as aggression and stress.

«Food behavior is controlled raznoobraznymi neurons and neural circuits, concentrated mainly in the hypothalamus and hind brain of mammals,» reads the study.

The scientists introduced into mice the antipsychotic clozapine-N-oxide that affects the neurons of the septal nuclei. The result is mice that received the drug, Thorazine, began to consume less food. While side-effects from the introduction of clozapine-N-oxide was not detected.

Scientists hope that this technique can be effectively applied when dealing with overweight people.