The film «the Flight of the bullet» caused a scandal at the «Artdocfest», received the prize «Lavr»

© RIA Novolipetskogo of the LPR militia positions at the contact line in the Donbass. Archival photoThe film «the Flight of the bullet» caused a scandal at the «Artdocfest», received the prize «Lavr»© RIA Novosti

Lithuanian-Russian painting Beata the Bells «bullets Flying», a show which was thwarted at the international documentary film festival «Artdocfest», received the award «Laurel» in the category «Art film». The ceremony was held at the «Artdocfest» in the cinema «October» without incident, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Giving the prize to the Bells, the President of festival Director Vitaly Mansky said show this picture «led into the hall unexpected of the audience, which took away the militia», then they wrote him in «personal» and wanted only «good».

«My friends have always supported me,» said Bell, thanking for the prize.

Earlier, four members of the SERB movement disrupted the screening of the film «Flying bullet» on the fighters of the Ukrainian volunteer battalion «Aydar», spraying the odorous liquid in the hall. The festival organizers also had to mark the screening of the Ukrainian film «War for peace» about the war in the Donbass. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy directed parliamentary inquiries to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky and Prosecutor General Yury Chaika requesting to verify the content of the film «War for peace» in conformity with the Russian legislation. The Board of Directors, commenting on the situation around the screening of the film, emphasized that «Artdocfest» was and remains a zone of freedom, and, nevertheless, the film was not shown.

«Best non-fiction film» the jury «Artdocfest» recognized a picture of Natalia Gugueva «fast and furious. Return» about Russian pilots, whose regiment with the collapse of the Soviet Union moved to Ukraine together with Crimea. In the category «Best TV documentary» noted the Russian film, «Alexander Sokolov. The last Russian writer», directed by Ilya Belov.

«Educational award» the name of the Lion of Nikolaev received the film «Life with bacteria. Notes on Microbiology» directed by Stanislav Stavinova and Andriy Tymoshenko.

«Laurel branch» «For contribution to the film chronicle» gave the film’s Director and teacher Marina Razbezhkina. The best debut was the Russian film «Therapy» Yulia liovochkina Sergino.

The picture of the «Wife» of the Director Alain Suranov received a prize of spectator sympathies «Artdocfest» Is a film about three women whose husbands were passengers of Tu-154, crashed in Sochi on the 25th of December 2016.

The festival was held in Moscow from 9 to 12 December.