The main new year tree of the country cut down on 15 December

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photosangelina toys on the Christmas tree. Archival photoThe main new year tree of the country cut down on 15 December© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The main Christmas tree of the country cut down on 15 December, said the press service of the Governor and government of Moscow region.

«On December 15 at 12.00 in the territory of the Podil’s’kyi forestry in the urban district Domodedovo will cut down the main Christmas tree to Sobornaya square of the Kremlin», – reported in a press release.

As indicated therein, the age of the tree is 90 years old, height — 27 meters, the trunk diameter reaches 60 cm, the span of the lower branches to 10 meters.

The material clarifies that the choice of the Kremlin fir was carried out by the special Federal Commission on the orders of the President of the Russian Federation. The main criteria when choosing a Christmas tree of Russia is its size and visual appeal: the tree must be the correct pyramidal shape of the crown, a uniform, saturated color of the needles, missing, dried or broken branches. In addition, the tree should be provided convenient access.

On 17 December the main Christmas tree will be sent by train to Moscow for installation on the Cathedral square of the Kremlin.