The Ministry of communications said about the possibility of the emergence in Russia of marketplace services

© RIA Novostigazprom. Archival photoThe Ministry of communications said about the possibility of the emergence in Russia of marketplace services© RIA Novosti

The Ministry of communications has prepared the concept of creating a single marketplace of public services, it may appear in 2018, said the Deputy head of the Ministry Alexey Kozyrev.

«The concept of creating such a marketplace is prepared by the Ministry of communications, we reported it to the government, showed Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Vladimirovich Dvorkovich received his approval. Now we are preparing a government decision that in 2018 to run in the country of such a single marketplace with high-quality interface, which, in fact, will be a digital platform providing services for authorities, citizens and business», — said Kozyrev in the course of the conference «Runet 2017: results of the year» in RIA Novosti.

«We need a marketplace, such as «Yandex.Market», on which all state authorities — Federal, municipal, state, the judiciary, the Parliament could host your content, your services. This marketplace should provide single search, a single navigation, feedback, interactive services, calendars, conferences, discussions,» — said the Deputy Minister.

According to him, today in Russia there are more than 5 thousand public Internet portals, however, the study showed the Ministry of communications, users are dissatisfied with the large number of them. «That alone is enough to start a reform. But if you think about how much money we spend on these 5 thousand sites, the more obvious that change is needed,» said Kozyrev.

According to him, in a number of countries have already begun to consolidate government websites into a single system. «The UK five or six years before we started to talk about it. There are already a thousand government websites into a single state platform on the Internet,» he said. Similar experience there and in Australia, concluded the official.