The summit in Paris to discuss measures to combat climate change

© AFP 2017 / Eric FeferbergПрезидент of France Emmanuel macron at the opening of the international conference on climate change One Planet SummitThe summit in Paris to discuss measures to combat climate change© AFP 2017 / Eric Feferberg

The international conference One Planet Summit in Paris have agreed on specific measures in support of the Paris climate agreement, said the President of France Emmanuel macron.

The first global climate agreement (Paris agreement) was signed in December 2015, it defines the global plan of action to curb global warming. The agreement does not imply a renunciation of fossil fuels and emissions of carbon dioxide.

At the moment the Treaty is ratified by 170 countries, pledging to take action to reduce emissions, technological reequipment and adaptation to climate change.

Concrete steps

Participation in the Paris conference on climate change was attended by the leaders of several States and governments, public figures, business representatives, and environmentalists. At the summit they agreed on the implementation of various commitments, the General purpose of which is to mobilize the efforts of the authorities, public organizations and financial sector for the introduction of a worldwide low-carbon economy and combating climate change.

«These 12 commitments — that’s your job. It is the job of heads of States, governments, businesses, local authorities. These are very concrete things about which know everything,» said macron.

The first part of the commitment for the allocation of funds for adaptation to climate change and combat the effects of natural disasters: it is about assisting the Caribbean countries, the launch of the Fund to combat soil degradation, transfer farmers in developing countries seeds that are more resilient to climate change, and other specific measures.

This is followed by liabilities related to the accelerated transition to a low carbon economy: reduction in oil production, renewable energy sources, development of clean transport, as well as measures aimed at attracting attention to the problem of climate change, the intensification of the financial world and investors.

Act faster

According to Him, today the world community is losing the battle against climate change: the issue was discussed two decades, global measures were taken, and only two years ago was signed the Paris agreement.

«The time to act. The problem became urgent, and the challenge for our generation is to act as fast as possible to win this battle against time, against inevitability, to implement concrete steps that will help to change our country, our economy, our society, our children, and perhaps even we ourselves could choose their own future and the planet, and not to suffer from global warming, the disappearance of the most vulnerable countries and a profound transformation of the world», — said the President of France.

One of the co-chairs of the summit, UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres, in turn, noted the favorable financial situation to combat global warming. «Finances are not a scarcity. Today, the global financial system gasps from the funds. Tens of trillions of dollars earn low or even negative interest,» said UN Secretary-General.

Guterres also believes that large-scale investments in the production of fossil fuels means investing in our own demise. «The stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones. We don’t have to wait when we run out of coal and oil to finish their era. We must invest in the future, not the past,» he added.

Without trump, but with Americans

The summit in Paris to discuss measures to combat climate change© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotobanka: combating climate change does not mean the decline of the era of uglevodorodnogo the decision of the President of the United States Donald trump about the release of the Paris climate agreement, the conference took an active part representatives of the United States, among whom were billionaires Michael Bloomberg and bill gates, former U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, California Governor Jerry brown and his predecessor, Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

They condemned the move of the American leader, however, expressed the opinion that his decision will not entail serious consequences, as regional and local authorities in the United States, American companies and corporations, and ordinary citizens (saving electricity, by buying a less powerful machine) are actively involved in the fight against climate change.

«Someone was worried that the President trump made the decision on the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. Well don’t worry because States and cities have serious power. Donald trump is not the United States withdrew from the Paris agreement, he only brought with him Donald trump,» said Schwarzenegger, noting that trump’s «stuck in the past while we move into the future.»