The U.S. justice Department won’t fire spectacular on the «Russian case» Mueller

© AFP 2017 / Brendan SmialowskiЭкс-the head of the FBI Robert Mueller. Archival photoThe U.S. justice Department won’t fire spectacular on the «Russian case» Mueller© 2017 AFP / Brendan Smialowski

The U.S. justice Department sees no grounds for dismissal of spectacular at «Russian business» Robert Mueller, said at a hearing in Congress the first Deputy US attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

A member of the house of representatives Democrat Jerrold Nadler asked Rosentein, is it true that he sees no reason for the dismissal of Muller. «Yeah, right,» said Rosenstein.

To the question if he knows about any «inappropriate actions» Mueller, Rosenstein answered in the negative.

He declined to comment on the case, which leads Muller.

The head of the legal Committee of the house of representatives of Congress, Republican Bob Goodlatte at the same hearings called to appoint spectacular to study the activity of spectracolor Robert Mueller is investigating the so-called «Russian cause».

Goodlatte mentioned a number of press reports according to which, the office staff Mueller spoke negatively about trump and positively about the critics of the President, worked on team Clinton or communicated with the company, which amounted to a scandalous dossier of dirt on trump.

The investigation of alleged Russian interference in American elections, as well as alleged links trump with Russia that contradict how the White house and the Kremlin, is in the Ministry of justice and in Congress.