Zone access. As the Internet penetrates into the colony and prison

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase fotomontagen in penal colony №2 in the Vladimir region in the bedroomZone access. As the Internet penetrates into the colony and prison© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Aminopherase the image Bank

Communication in social networks, purchases in Internet-stores and the online Dating services — these and other features of the world wide web are becoming more available in places of deprivation of liberty, despite the restrictions. To get the coveted gadget, the inmates resorted to the most incredible tricks. How a global network conquer the Russian colonies and prisons — in the material RIA Novosti.

This week, «Khabarovsk rivederci» 18-year-old Aliona Savchenko was again in the media spotlight. On his page in social network «Vkontakte» Savchenko said that getting married. For publication she attached a photo of the marriage certificate. It would seem that it is a harmless act, but the problem is that Savchenko was sentenced to four years and three months of imprisonment and detained in Khabarovsk SIZO-1. The regional Directorate of the Federal penitentiary service declares that she in principle could not access the Internet, and social network message left by someone else. Whoever has access to her account.

Anyway, today for anybody not a secret that the inhabitants of many Russian prisons and colonies have an active life online. In the Network, you can easily find specialized online Dating sites, where prisoners looking for friends heart, a social network full of selfies from prison, and prisoners actively foraged telephone and Internet fraud. Criminals are not far behind from the fashion and media trends. So, in Telegram messenger gaining popularity channel, which leads the author reports on the life of a Russian jail. The number of subscribers has already exceeded 4.3 thousand people.

Crossbows and quadcopters

According to the judicial Department of the Supreme court, in 2016 in Russia it was considered more than eight thousand administrative cases under article 19.12 of the administrative code («the Transmission or attempted transmission of prohibited items to persons held in institutions of the penal system or detention centres»). «Stem the flow of prohibited items to convicted persons, suspects and accused persons, including mobile communications, is one of the areas that is under special control», — assured RIA Novosti in the press office of Federal service of execution of punishments.

On the basis of judicial decisions, high-tech contraband into places of imprisonment delivered to the stream, and take her to the real pros.

As a rule, smugglers are relatives of prisoners. Often they are carrying gadgets and SIM cards into prisons during visits. The employees of the FSIN often find thepresence in the so-called gear prepared for the prisoners, juice boxes, containers, household cleaning products, canned food. For transportation of large consignments of mobile phones is often used for automobile and horse-drawn vehicles.

Smartphone for a bribe

Unlike colonies where prisoners can almost freely on the inner area, in detention centers to deliver illegal gadgets is more difficult. Prisoners have to be resourceful. The time-tested method — the transfer of prohibited items at the rope. Rope with cargo (in prison slang — «horse») fired from a slingshot through the window of the camera. The fence is already waiting for her friends prisoner, after which the cell is drawn into the «house».

It is noteworthy that in the West the problem of rapid «gadgetizer» prison is no less acute than in Russia. For example, in the UK bringing mobile phones and other means of communication on the territory of a prison criminal offense. Cell phones and the Internet is prohibited in the American prison. Moreover, in the USA prisoners are forbidden to update the pages in social networks, even if it is for them to make friends or relatives. For such violation the prisoner may assign additional work or 45 days in solitary confinement.

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in fotomanipulacija colony No. 2 in ChelyabinskZone access. As the Internet penetrates into the colony and prison© RIA Novosti / Alexander Kondratuka in fotomanipulacija colony No. 2 in Chelyabinsk