Zorkin said how many complaints it receives, the constitutional court

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The Russians have applied in the current year the constitutional court on the question of political rights 59 times, while the entire instance to the end of the year will make a decision on the 14 thousands of complaints, the Chairman of the court Valery Zorkin.

«Statistics says that to us all these 14 59 thousand complaints that relate to political rights. The proportion here is that it is for the researcher gives great food for thought and analysis», — said Zorkin at the meeting of constitutional court judges with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zorkin said that this year the constitutional court will take more than 14 thousand of decisions on complaints of citizens. According to him, many of them on refusal in consideration of statements, because their subject is not suited to court, and the citizens should turn to other organs.

The sphere of political rights Zorkin called delicate, noting that it attracted the attention of companies.

Not cool disputes about the court decision on Yukos, it was the first in 2017, said Zorkin.

He noted that solutions are not always given to the court easily. In this context, the President of the court reminded the President about the situation with refusal in the admission of the Russian representation at the IV Congress of the world conference on constitutional justice in Lithuania, the authorities justified the decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation in the Crimea.

Zorkin said that the Congress is based on non-interference in individual decisions and created for the dialogue. According to the head of the COP, the position of Lithuania has not supported some of the country, and others raised the question of the inadmissibility of such conduct for the host country.

Zorkin expressed hope that such incidents is not repeated, and that the Congress ever held in Russia.

The two-day Congress on the theme «the Rule of law and constitutional justice in the modern world» held in Europe in September for the first time, it was attended by more than 300 experts in constitutional law from 90 countries. The migration Department on the proposal of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Lithuania at the end of last year made the judges of the constitutional court of Russia in the list of persons banned from entering Lithuania. This decision is due to the fact that the judges supported the annexation of Crimea to Russia.