Counsel urged not to look for chaos in the case of the farmer about the GPS-tracker for cow

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator in photosangelina cow. Archival photoCounsel urged not to look for chaos in the case of the farmer about the GPS-tracker for cow© RIA Novosti / Sergey Pathiterator the image Bank

GPS tracker, which Kurgan farmer accused of illegally trafficking in lethal weapons may also listen to the conversations, so do not look in this case, the lawlessness of law enforcement agencies, told RIA Novosti lawyer Dmitry Dinze.

Large farmer who has attached a GPS tracker on his cow, is charged with trafficking in special equipment. On Thursday, the court returned the case to the Prosecutor’s office, which must verify the validity of bringing men to justice. During the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked as it relates to this situation, to which he promised to investigate the issue, based on some of the article may be prosecuted by the person for the purchase of means of tracking and attaching them to animals.

«I read the indictment. This GPS tracker has a hidden audio recordings. The examination was conducted, which took him to non-lethal weapons», — he said.

The lawyer explained that the farmer, according to the evidence, was going to use the equipment not only as a tracker. According to him, also in case there is a witness that the defendant bragged that he was going to listen to conversations.

«No need to look for in this case the lawlessness of law enforcement bodies», — said Dinze.

According to investigators, in late January the inhabitant of the Kurgan region for the personal goals ordered in the online store with shipping from China multifunction device «Mini A8». It is designed to transmit acoustic information from the premises. This device clarifies the consequence, prohibited for free circulation in Russia, as it refers to special technical means for secret obtaining of information.