«Election hour» big press conference Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin in the first hour of his big press conference spoke about how plans to participate in the presidential election in 2018, on political competition and opposition.

This press conference is the last for Putin at the present time, and for the first time the President is participating in it also as a potential candidate. The tone of the discussion asked the first question: why you go on elections?

Pre-election program

The President said he wants to see the country. «The political system needs to be flexible, the economy must be built on high technology, productivity should significantly increase,» he said.

Putin said he did not want to talk about the election program, saying only that he is almost there, but the format of the event is not suitable for presentation. «But I can tell you the main thing, I think, need to focus the attention of the authorities and society. These are issues, specifically, as the development of infrastructure, health, education. It is, as I said, high technology, improving productivity, and this is, without a doubt, everything should be designed to increase the incomes, enhance the incomes of our people», — said Putin.

The President said that the elections in 2018 will go down as an independent candidate. «Of course, I very much count on the support of those political forces, no matter how they were organized in the country of the parties and public organisations who share my opinion on the country’s development and trust. I really, of course, expect,» — said Putin.

«And generally rely on the broad support of citizens,» he added.

The head of the election headquarters has not been determined, he said.

In the Central election Commission told RIA Novosti that Putin will need to collect 300 thousand signatures of voters in support of the nomination, and for one region must not be more than 7.5 thousand.

Putin is a bogeyman

Putin asked why for almost 20 years working in senior government positions did not appear influential opposition candidate and how interested in the election without competition. The President decided to exacerbate this issue. It is not a characteristic feature of this press conference: Putin, upon hearing the question asked, is there something on the same subject, listens and responds directly to the unit.

«To sharpen your question, I saw a girl in there was a poster up that says: «Putin, bye-bye». Let’s focus,» said the President.

But the poster was another word — «Baba». «Oh, Baba! To the old eyes were weak, sorry», — Putin joked, prompting laughter in the hall.

«Although suddenly say, «I’m thinking about the fact that we have a political environment too, as well as economic, must be competitive. And, of course, would love, want and will strive to have a balanced political system, and it is impossible to imagine without competition in the political field,» he said.

Putin said that the dissatisfaction of people in the country are justified, but opposition leaders don’t offer a real agenda. «People, of course, very many unhappy today — and right: could the best results be achieved. But when you start to compare and see what is offered to the leaders of the opposition, especially non-systemic, there are serious doubts. In this case, I think the main problem those who would like to be competitive with the opposition to offer a real, not ephemeral, not flashy, but a real agenda, one that the people would believe,» said he.

«It is important not only to make some noise in the squares or in a more unofficial atmosphere, to talk about the anti-people regime, it is important to offer something to make it better,» added Putin.

The myth of the «manual control» in the country is exaggerated, Putin said. «You have no idea what a tremendous array of work is through the government. This is the most difficult job in the control system to interfere into each question, to take even it is impossible, not to interfere,» the President added.

According to him, in the regions the same situation. «And in the regions in General, we often don’t reach out, don’t even know sometimes what is happening there. This is bad, of course, have to know everything, but that we hold today’s event — the annual conference», — said Putin.

Putin said that the development of the Russian economy in the short term, guaranteed, right now the economy is growing is a fact.

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