How to wash a cat to ease allergies

© Depositphotos / belchonockДевушка allergic to catsHow to wash a cat to ease allergies© Depositphotos / belchonock

Often people get cats, and soon forced them to find new owners. The cause is Allergy. But, it turns out, is quite scientific methods to decrease the body’s reaction to a stimulus. That’s just not all of them like pet and their owner.

Some breeds of cats, for example Rex, Sphynx and Russian blue, breeders positioned as hypoallergenic. Since «hypo» in Latin means «weak», it is believed that Allergy-free animals produce less irritants than others.

Three hours later, wash it after each animal was placed in a clean room and re-measured the amount of glycoprotein in the air. In the first group in air was on average 44% of Fel d 1 with respect to the initial values. Swimming the second group reduced the concentration of allergen in the air to 21%. But double-pan for the cat, just not worth it, the amount of protein in the air because of this will not significantly reduced.

Another study showed that a large part of Fel d 1 is deposited on the furniture and not simply «hangs» in the air. Therefore, in addition to weekly bathing of cats, allergies have to regularly clean the premises to reduce the amount of protein. Scientists also recommend not to let the animal in the bedroom while you sleep and always wash your hands after contact.

All the above gives only temporary relief — no matter how much my cat or get out, and substance-stimulus will continue to stand out from the animal. So, before you get a pet, weigh the pros and cons, and the best — find out in advance if you are allergic to Fel d 1. Immune response many people is not immediate, and a month later after regular exposure to the stimulus. Get tested for allergies, talk to cats friends or in a shelter for months. Analyses will also come to the rescue if you are already a long time living with a cat in peace and harmony and all of a sudden sneeze repeatedly — maybe it’s not in the animal, and donated the exotic flower or ingredient in the composition of the new perfume.