In Armenia looking for a US citizen on charges of organizing terrorist attacks

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codecoverage in fotobounce of Yerevan. Archival photoIn Armenia looking for a US citizen on charges of organizing terrorist attacks© RIA Novosti / Alexei Codiscovered the image Bank

. The national security service of Armenia said the disclosure produced in the country of serious crimes, including acts of terrorism, announcing in the wanted citizen of the United States.

«As a result of operational-search measures and investigative actions carried out by the national security Service of Armenia revealed that the U.S. citizen, Armenian by origin, R. K. in September 2017 registered in social network Facebook fake profile… in publicizing the formation of the group «Fighters for justice», its tactics, discipline, safety and secrecy of its members,» reads a statement posted on the website of the NSS.

The document notes that during the same period via a specified social network page spread direct calls to use violence against law enforcement officers and other officials of Armenia, the creation of an atmosphere of fear through bombings and arson.

«According to preliminary data, R. K. tried to create a criminal organization, seeking to recruit Armenians living in Armenia and beyond its borders, with the aim of destabilizing the situation in Armenia», — stated in the message.

The NSS said that on the basis of the evidence obtained, it was proved that the same person through consultation, guidance, and provision of funds, preparing terrorist acts on the territory of Armenia.

«On the basis of a comparison of the evidence obtained during the investigation of the criminal case instituted in the investigation Department of the national security Council of Armenia decided to engage him as a defendant in two articles of the criminal code for attempting to create a criminal organization and preparation of acts of terrorism. The decision of the court as a measure of restraint for him elected arrest, he is wanted. Considering that the accused is a U.S. citizen, and resides in the territory of this country, the place of his residence. The General Prosecutor’s office transferred the collected data to the competent authorities of the United States, to prevent the forthcoming crime. SNB takes measures for identification and detection of R. partners in Armenia», — stated in the message.