In the Amur region considered almost half of the cases of the «green folder» of Putin

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in potamanthidae Amur region Alexander Kozlov. Archival photoIn the Amur region considered almost half of the cases of the «green folder» of Putin© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

The Governor of the Amur region Alexander Kozlov told RIA Novosti that considered for almost half of the references of inhabitants of region which was given to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Green folder, Putin handed Kozlov during a visit in the Amur region on August 3, complaints from residents of the region received by the President during the preparation of a straight line. Putin then quoted one of the complaints about issues with receiving free medical care. A few days after the resignation of the Minister of health of the region Nikolay Tezikov.

«Of the 65 appeals to the President in a direct line, to date me considered 31 appeals, personal receptions were held on 4 August, 10 August, 25 August, 29 September, 20 October, 1 November and 22 November. Entered 15 questions in the health sector in the course of personal meetings, reviewed 10 applications,» — said Kozlov.

He said that two complaints have been positively solved the issue of providing test strips for glucometer for diabetes patients, in two cases the issues of provision of medicine to beneficiaries.

«For example, resolved the issue with the paediatrician for Talakan local hospital. Another appeal is provided for housing the doctor in the village,» added Kozlov.

Questions from the green folder also dealt with non-payment and the indexation of wages, such appeals was 16.

«Matters of nonpayment of wages at the cosmodrome «East» — 8 appeals, 3 appeals – failure to pay wages in connection with the bankruptcy of enterprises located outside of the Amur region», — said Kozlov.

In addition to medicine and problems with payment of wages, residents of the region were interested in the topics of utilities tariffs, the provision of housing to veterans, orphans and families with many children. On this subject, according to Kozlov, there were 21 treatment.

«The provision of housing and improving housing conditions for two mothers of large families and single orphans resolved. In addition, the large family of the village of Konstantinovka is secured by a certificate for the purchase of the car» — said the Governor.

Another 13 people were treated for repair of roads, provision of equipment «ERA-GLONASS» and the problems of the deceived shared construction participants. According to Kozlov, the four questions «taken on bringing roads up to standard». Also for 2018 it is planned to repair two roads.