In the Olympic media centre in Sochi will create a science lab

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during an annual big press conferenceIn the Olympic media centre in Sochi will create a science lab© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

In Sochi in the Olympic media centre will create a modern science lab, said during a press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

«As for the work with talented children, children in General and autistic children in particular, I want to say – I have already said, I want to reiterate, I believe that all children are talented, the only question is, and it is the task of the teachers, the parents, to uncover it,» said Putin at a big press conference, answering the question of how the state supports talented children.

By the way, the President added, «this is not a common phrase». Currently «in the field of so-called cognitive Sciences» such research is done by specialists in Russia and other countries.

«Here is mentioned about Sirius – it’s really not a camp, it is the center of work with talented children. We want next to Sirius on the area of the former media center, many people probably during the Olympics worked there, there’s a huge square, I think, four Red square in total area. We want to create — this is also my initiative to create modern research laboratories in several areas, and world-class level,» Putin said.

This, according to him, «information technology, biology, genetics, cognitive science is primarily about ways, methods of work with young people and children are talented and about the disclosure of their talent.»

«This whole direction right now, so we from the scientific point of view will therefore continue to work in practical terms. Well, except Sirius we employ and develop, by the way, and Artek, and the Ocean, and the eagle in the Caucasus. This is not all, now quantonium created children’s parks across the country, the Olympics,» added the President.

The meaning and the ultimate goal, in his opinion, is to «lead the guys from school to higher school and then to employment, of course, preferably in the country.»

«By the way, if you go back to Sirius, in addition to creating world-class laboratories, I would like there next, already found a plot of 30 hectares, and to create technology parks that will work all of the. Sirius, laboratories and world-class technology parks, will deal with the commercialization of what will be acquired by the representatives of science», — said Putin.

With them, he added, «just have the best faculty and school level and high school teachers, and there is held a course of training teachers».

«Here, I would really like to see a series of similar institutions arose throughout the country and, in General, such a network in the regions of the Russian Federation begins to be created, we will do», — concluded the head of state.

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