Khabarovsk, animal rights activists said he was pleased with the increased penalties for zhivoderstvo

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobanka dogs. Archival photoKhabarovsk, animal rights activists said he was pleased with the increased penalties for zhivoderstvo© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Khabarovsk animal rights activists who argued for tougher penalties under article «cruel treatment of animals» after a history of local guaderrama, is pleased with the adoption by the state Duma the relevant amendments to the law, but noted the need to further improve legislation in this field, told RIA Novosti on Thursday the Chairman of the organization «Zoozaschita» DV Natalia Kovalenko.

«We are satisfied that the punishment has tightened. The adopted amendments translate these crimes into the category of crimes of average gravity, and therefore, the business will bring more. But we need to continue to improve the legislation. The animal is now defined as property, and killing him is treated as property damage. It is necessary to prescribe that it is a living sentient creature,» — said Kovalenko.

She noted that this is a big job, and you will need to make amendments in many legislative acts.

«By the end of this year to do such work impossible, but we hope that the state Duma deputies who worked on the adoption of the amendments will not stop and will continue,» he said.

She said that the Khabarovsk rivederci, who are now in jail waiting for the consideration of their appeals, convicted under the former version of the criminal code, and their changes in the law will not apply, but their possible successors would be used for more stringent measures.