Mufti of Tatarstan called upon to make a study of the Tatar language is required

© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva in photobunny mufti of Tatarstan Kamil SamigullinMufti of Tatarstan called upon to make a study of the Tatar language is required© RIA Novosti / Maxim to Bogodeeva the image Bank

The Tatar language is the lingua Franca of the entire Turkic world, and it is necessary not only to maintain at the household level, but also have to study in educational institutions, the Chairman of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan, mufti of the Republic Kamil Samigullin.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the annual press conference on Thursday said that in Russia there is no sharpness in the sphere of the national question and the question related to the language, aimed only at one thing – to create for all children, wherever they lived in the territory of the Russian Federation, equal starting conditions for future life. According to him, teaching in the leading universities of the country is in Russian, so if you pay more attention to the national language, it is possible to lag behind in Russian. The head of state noted that the need to provide people with the opportunity to study the national language.

«The Republic of Tatarstan is Russia’s gateway to the entire Islamic world. And if we call Russian the language of interethnic communication in Russia and the CIS, the Tartar can easily recognize the lingua Franca of all the Turkic-Islamic world. So to keep it must not «in the kitchen» or «on the street», and in the educational institutions where the study of the Tatar should be mandatory,» — said Samigullin RIA Novosti.

The mufti noted that the revival of Tatar spiritual heritage is a priority of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Tatarstan. In his opinion, if we talk about the sovereignty of the Russian spiritual space, it is necessary to recreate the heritage of Russian Muslims, which is widely represented by the works of the Tatar language, and returning the authority of the traditional Russian Islam, considering that a significant portion of the Muslims of Russia are represented by Tatars.

«In addition, the most important task of the Russian Muslim clergy today is education among the Ummah of patriotism and love to Motherland – Russia. But can a citizen on such a high feeling when does not feel love for their native land, their native culture and mother tongue?» — said Samigullin.

Russian and Tatar language in Tatarstan, according to the Constitution of the Republic, are public, their study has hitherto been required in equal amount. However, parents of students in the Republic in recent months began to initiate a collective appeal to the leadership of educational institutions, ministries of education of Tatarstan and Russia, the Prosecutor’s office, refusing the obligatory teaching of the Tatar language to their children or requiring to reduce the number of lessons of this subject, which, according to them, was taught to the detriment of the Russian language. Many parents complained about the insufficient number of lessons of the Russian language.

The authorities of the Republic were in favour of the study of the state languages of the Republic in the Russian Federation was required. In late November, the Parliament of Tatarstan has agreed with the new recommendations of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation, according to which the study of the state languages of the republics throughout the country will be voluntary, on the basis of written consent of parents and legal representatives of students – up to two hours per week. In Republic various community organizations to advocate the compulsory study of the Tatar language.