Representative Weinstein denied charges of Salma Hayek in harassment

© AP Photo / Invision/Vince Bucci Producer Harvey Weinstein. Archival photoRepresentative Weinstein denied charges of Salma Hayek in harassment© AP Photo / Invision/Vince Bucci

Harvey Weinstein has denied allegations the actress Salma Hayek in harassment in the address of a Hollywood producer.

«All allegations of sexual harassment described by Salma, unreliable, and those who witnessed the incident, have a different view about it,» — reads the statement of the representative of the Weinstein issued by the NBC.

In addition, the representative Weinstein responded to the statements of the actress that the producer forced her to star in a lesbian scene completely Nude in the film «Frida» — the biography of an outstanding artist Frida Kahlo, played by Hayek.

«Mr. Weinstein remembers that he was unreasonably forced her to star in a sex scene with the second character,» — said the representative of the producer, noting that the scene to the biography of the artist.

Earlier Hayek in an article for the New York Times told about the abuse by Weinstein, calling him a «monster».

Weinstein was accused of harassment such famous actress like Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman and Ashley Judd. Producer in the Wake of allegations was fired from his own company, the authorities in new York began in his relation to the investigation, including the criminal charges against.