The farmer who bought the device for surveillance of the cow can return to the Prosecutor

© Fotolia / svetaziКорова with a bell. archival photoThe farmer who bought the device for surveillance of the cow can return to the Prosecutor© Fotolia / svetazi

The first hearing on criminal case concerning the inhabitant of the Kurgan region, bought on the Internet device to obtain the secret information prohibited in the Russian Federation, takes place on Thursday, the state Prosecutor declared the petition for returning the case to the Prosecutor, told RIA Novosti assistant to the Chairman of Kurgan regional court Vasily Shalaj.

According to investigators, in late January of 2017 male for personal purposes ordered in the online store with shipping from China multifunction device «Mini A8». It is designed to transmit acoustic information from the premises. This device clarifies the consequence, prohibited for free circulation in the Russian Federation in connection with what relates to special technical means for secret obtaining of information.

The man was detained in the premises of the Russian post in the village of Blades Lebyazhievsky district upon receipt of mail. To him the consequence was charged under article 138.1 of the criminal code (illegal acquisition of special technical means intended for secret receipt of information). As reported by local media, the man-the farmer purchased this device in order to follow the cow that is constantly missing from the flock.

«Thursday at Lebyazhievsky district court started the first hearing on the criminal case. At the hearing, the Prosecutor declared the petition to return the case to the Prosecutor. Currently, the court retired to the deliberation room to pass the resolution,» — said the Agency interlocutor.