British Marshall declared that Russia can leave NATO without the Internet

© Fotolia / smolaw11Мужчина bent over the keyboard. Archival photoBritish Marshall declared that Russia can leave NATO without the Internet© Fotolia / smolaw11

Russia may threaten the safety of deep-sea cables linking the United States and Europe necessary to ensure that the Internet and international trade. This was stated by the British chief of staff and future head of the NATO military Committee, air chief Marshal Stuart Peach during a speech at the Royal Institute of combined arms (RUSI).

According to him, the United Kingdom and its NATO allies should give priority attention to the protection of lines of communication from Russia, which continues to modernize its fleet, including nuclear and non-nuclear submarines, and unconventional means of warfare.

«There is a new threat to our prosperity and way of life, for cables crossing the seabed, the failure due to breakage or the devastating effects of <…> will break as international trade and the Internet,» he said.

For this reason, NATO needs to develop its own naval forces, to keep up with Russia’s modernizing Navy, said Peach.

He noted that the UK, formed in NATO «the leading role», you need to innovate and strengthen the combat capability as soon as possible, because Russia «plays military muscles», and her «appetite to pursue its national interests» is a serious threat. «This should be done in months, not years», — said the British Marshal.

Representatives of the West repeatedly accused Moscow of the fact that it allegedly represents a threat to NATO countries. Vladimir Putin it was said that Russia has nothing to fear, noting that her actions — a reaction to certain initiatives of the Alliance, in particular to the deployment of U.S. missile defense close to Russia’s borders.