Dvorkovich told about measures on support of agricultural producers in 2018

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in Photobacterium current. Archival photoDvorkovich told about measures on support of agricultural producers in 2018© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich did not rule out that in 2018 will be point grain interventions, but to a greater extent to support agricultural producers will be used to subsidise railway tariffs for transportation of grain for export.

Grain interventions in Russia are traditionally used to stabilize domestic grain prices. However, the government considers the promotion of exports of grain from an economic point of view, more profitable intervention.

«The point is not exclude. But still we mostly will use benefits on rail fares yesterday, the President said at a press conference. Indeed, this question is in the highest degree of readiness, practically the solution is ready, that is, the document is already close to signing,» — said Dvorkovich.

In late October the Ministry of agriculture has published a draft government decree, according to which the Railways can receive subsidies in the amount of 2.99 billion for transportation 3.2 million tons of grain from 13 Russian regions to the southern, North Western and far Eastern ports until the end of June 2018.

«If we talk about the future — to engage in the development of deep processing of grain on the domestic market. This is the most important because it is the best controller than the intervention. Because you can utilisation to manage demand,» — said Dvorkovich.