EK «Theater House» at the Chef’s commissioned

© Photo : gals-Developmental Theatre Home Cook commissionedEK «Theater House» at the Chef’s commissioned© Photo : gals-development

. The apartment complex «Theatrical» House on Povarskaya street, the press service of the developer company «Hals-development»

The architectural design of the building in the style of Russian art Nouveau developed by GUP «Mosproekt-2. M. V. Posokhin». The complex consists of eight sections ranging in height from 4 to 7 floors, which are 129 apartments and underground Parking for 283 cars.

«In this project we managed to combine the unique aura of the historic centre, the most modern engineering technology and exclusive formats of housing, valued by our customers. Design architectural solution, combining classic and modern, making the object the most beautiful and aristocratic building in the ensemble Povarskaya street,» said senior Vice-President of «gals-development» Leonid Isle of Capri.

The press service reminds that the complex «the Theatrical House» won the annual international prize «Records of real estate market in 2015» in the category «house No. 1» RREF Awards 2016 nomination «Quality and culture of construction».