In Moscow has opened a new children’s art school

© Flickr / andreasivarssonКраскиIn Moscow has opened a new children’s art school© Flickr / andreasivarsson

. New children’s art school commissioned in the city district of Shakhovskaya, the press service of the Ministry of construction complex of the Moscow region.

«With the opening of the new building the number of students will be increased more than two times, up to 600 people, and the number of classrooms — three times, until 31 audience. A big plus is that it has become possible to implement sessions with low-mobility groups of the population», — said at the opening of the school the Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government, Minister of construction complex of Moscow region Maxim Fomin.

A new building was erected in the framework of the state program «Culture of Moscow region», it has all conditions for comfortable stay of students from 5 to 18 years. «The concert hall is designed by the designer of the project for its high acoustic properties: walls trimmed with acoustic panels and gypsum 3D panels, multi-level ceiling delivers high quality sound in the hall,» — said in the Ministry.

According to the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region, currently in the region working 210 of the municipal institutions of additional education in the sphere of culture, provides education on various specialties in the field of art. Among them, 122 children’s school of arts, 61 children’s music school, 18 children’s art schools, four choreographic and five choir schools.