In Moscow will present based on 250 anecdotes the show

© provided by the theatre «School of modern plays»the building of the theatre School of modern drama in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow will present based on 250 anecdotes the show© courtesy of the theatre «School of modern plays»

Moscow theatre «School of modern play» will present the play «Dead smumer, just to be healthy», the Creator of the productions of the famous Director Joseph Raihelgauz built performance on texts 250 Jewish jokes, sayings and paradoxes.

The premiere screenings will be held on 15 and 16 December.

«There are times when it becomes particularly disturbing and unpredictable in the country and in the world. So it was in the 90s, and then I came up with sharp funny show «And Choi-you in evening dress?». And today, when the air is tense, I thought about the play based on Jewish humor», — told RIA Novosti Director before the premiere.

According to the Director, Jewish humor is more than the usual anecdotes, it is filled with meaning. «Russian word «joke» in Hebrew means «wisdom,» said Raihelgauz. Jewish people have a quality of self-irony, they laugh at themselves. And here I had 250 jokes of all time, combined into a single drama, combined with the history of Klezmer music and called the play on words of a joke — «Died-smumer, just to be healthy.»

Specifically, for the production, as the Director said, he found the musicians that play the music of 16th-17th centuries — involved in the performance Klezmer band, composed of accordion, clarinet and violin.

The cast leading actors of the theater, including Elena Sanaeva, Vladimir Shulga, Vadim Kolganov, Oleg Tsarev, Juliette Gering, Ivan Mamonov.