In «Star wars» found the Soviet gun designer

© Photo : Lucasfilm Ltd.Luke Skywalker holds the light saberIn «Star wars» found the Soviet gun designer© Photo : Lucasfilm Ltd.

A type of Blaster Princess Leia in the original trilogy of «Star wars» became a Soviet Margolin pistol. About it reported «Concern Kalashnikov» on his page on Facebook.

It is alleged that this weapon was chosen because of its graceful form. «Only this gun looked good in the small hands of petite Carrie Fisher,» written in the message.

The gun was designed by Mikhail Margolin, unique in the history of the blind designer of small arms. He lost his sight at age 18 due to the head wounds, which he received in the army. Independently learned to be an engineer, he began working at the Tula arms factory. After the Second world war, during which he was repairing rifles, Margolin has designed a sporting weapon. Then he created his most famous model — Margolin pistol MTS that was produced by the Izhevsk mechanical plant from 1948 to 1979.

The original trilogy of «Star wars» released in 1977 and 1983. The role of Princess Leia played by American actress Carrie Fisher, who died in 2016.

In «Star wars» found the Soviet gun designer© Infographical you are the hero of Star wars?