In the area stated the provision of textbooks for the study of the native language

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Authorities in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district share the postulate of equal starting conditions for children in Russia, announced by President Vladimir Putin, at the same time for learning the native languages of indigenous peoples of the North in the region has all the necessary, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Governor of Yamal Dmitry Kobylkin, with reference to the head of the YANAO.

The Russian President’s annual press conference on Thursday said that in Russia there is no sharpness in the sphere of the national question and the question related to the language, aimed only at one thing – to create for all children, wherever they lived in the territory of the Russian Federation, equal starting conditions for future life. According to him, teaching in the leading universities of the country is in Russian, so if you pay more attention to the national language, it is possible to lag behind in Russian. The head of state noted that the need to provide people with the opportunity to study the national language.

«To ensure that all children in Russia equal starting conditions, said yesterday at a press conference the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, and on the Yamal Peninsula we share this postulate is completely. Yamal – region is multinational, and the most we pay serious attention to preservation and development of culture of indigenous peoples of the North. Including, of course, and the study of languages indigenous northerners. Children-northerners can learn their mother tongue, it has everything you need, including in the area of preparing teachers – experts in the native language», — cited the press service of the words of the head of the region Dmitry Kobylkin.

The press service noted that in the past academic year to study their native language on a voluntary basis as a subject in the schools of Yamal organized for 5 thousand children, more than 84% of them are studying Nenets language. The source also said that in 2018, authorities of the Autonomous district is planning a significant increase in the funding aimed at solving problems related to ensuring of sustainable development of indigenous peoples of the North, to approximately 278 million rubles, which is 43% above the current year expenditure.