In the United States is accused of Komi help Clinton in avoiding problems with the law

© AFP 2017 / Jewel SamadХиллари Clinton. Archival photoIn the United States is accused of Komi help Clinton in avoiding problems with the law© 2017 AFP / Jewel Samad

US Congressman Ron Johnson said Thursday that ex-FBI Director James Comey may deliberately to save Hillary Clinton from problems with the law, the scope of the wording of the conclusion in the case of former Secretary of state and removing from there mentions of potential crimes.

Komi in 2016, said that Clinton didn’t commit a crime, using private server instead of the government for its official correspondence as Secretary of state.

Johnson, a Republican from Wisconsin, addressed a letter to the current Director of the FBI Christopher ray, asking to evaluate new instruments at the disposal of the Congressman. From documents follows, that the statement of Komi Clinton repeatedly corrected, and instead of legal terms there were value judgments. So, the text was removed the expression «gross negligence» (gross negligence), it was replaced by «extraordinary folly» (extreme carelessness). While «gross negligence» is a legal term that is used to file criminal charges of negligence. At the same time «indiscretion» is just a feature, to what law enforcement agencies are not binding.

«In the redacted statement removed mention of gross negligence — and that the legal threshold showing of improper handling of classified materials. This expression was replaced by exculpatory language such as «negligence», — said in a letter to a Congressman, quoted by Fox News. In addition, according to him, the text disappeared and the word «offense» (misdemeanor) — it is also a legal term that can mean a misdemeanor or other judicial punishable act.

The Congressman acknowledged that he doesn’t know exactly who and when did all the fixes, but no doubt that they reflect the position of the Komi Republic. According to him, Komi deliberately belittled blame Clinton.

Clinton was criticized for using private email server as Secretary of state in 2009-2013. The criticism was on two fronts: the use of private servers to be able to do the correspondence of the Secretary of state vulnerable to hackers, Clinton also maintained complete control over the messages and could delete the junk e-mail. The FBI conducted an investigation, which included questioning, Clinton and her closest aides, and decided not to press against the ex-Secretary of state of criminal charges.

Clinton gave about 30 thousand emails from the server to the custody of the state Department, but was removed about 30 thousand letters, stating that they were of a private nature. Check out these applications failed.

Despite the fact that Komi acquitted Clinton, 10 days before the presidential election in November 2016, he announced the existence of documents that could lead to the resumption of the investigation. Clinton, contrary to expectations polls and lost the election to Donald Trump and then accused of Komi, among many other people in their loss.

Trump soon after coming to power, fired Komi Republic, intending to modify their posts until 2023. The U.S. justice Department stated that the FBI Director has exceeded powers, willfully acquitting Clinton. Komi after the dismissal gave against trump’s testimony to Congress. —0-