In the upper Volga during the year created over three and a half thousand jobs

© Fotolia / Pavel ParmenovВид in the city of Tver. Archival photoIn the upper Volga during the year created over three and a half thousand jobs© Fotolia / Pavel Parmenov


More than 3.5 thousand new jobs were created in the first three quarters of 2017 for large and medium-sized enterprises and in the organizations of the Tver region, most of them — about 3,2 thousand in off-budget sphere, the press service of the regional government.

«The creation of additional jobs in the off-budget sphere — one of the priority areas. Our goal is to give residents of the region the opportunity to realize their potential in the Tver region, and thus daily to contribute to the development of regional economy», — the press service quoted the comment of the Governor of the Tver region Igor farm, with.

From municipalities for new jobs at the enterprises of large and average business leaders of Tver (1253 new places), Kalininsky district (764 places), Kesovogorsk (579 persons), Konakovsky district (165 seats) and the city of Torzhok (129 seats).

According to the press service, the growth in the number of jobs in off-budget sphere contribute to the implementation of investment projects, innovative industries, modernization of existing enterprises. Last year in the Tver region implemented 15 investment 33.9 billion, which would result in the creation of more than 1.9 thousand jobs. By year-end 2017 projected implementation on the territory of the region 13 projects worth 5.6 billion rubles. The government of the Tver region together with investors implementing a number of programmes and projects, in particular, «the Tver city and Tver Expo». It is planned that in total they will give the region about 8 thousand jobs.

Another important area in the field of employment — the replacement of migrants in the labour market, inhabitants of the Tver region. For the first three quarters of 2017 on the territory of the upper Volga region arrived 14.8% fewer foreign nationals than in the same period last year. In addition, among the key issues is to ensure jobs for young professionals, promote the status of working professions and the prevention of outflow of qualified personnel from the Tver region, Moscow region, added the press service.