Lithuania tighten the rules of access to the border area of Russia and Belarus

© Fotolia / proslgnВид to the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Archival photoLithuania tighten the rules of access to the border area of Russia and Belarus© Fotolia / proslgn

Next year Lithuania will introduce a new access rule in the area of protection of the state borders with Russia and Belarus, Lithuania Sputnik reported, citing the State border service of the Republic.

They explained that the border area or the area of protection of state borders, is part of the domestic territory of Lithuania and can range from 50 meters to several kilometers. The area marked with special signs, and you can get into it only with permission.

Next year will be reduced the list of persons entitled to be there. They have introduced stamp duty. As reported in the customs service, such measures were taken in order to protect the state border with Russia and Belarus.

In the list of those who may be in the border area, will include the citizens who live there or have property. Those who intend to visit the place of burial will be included in the list by specifying a specific location. The rest of the people who intend to arrive and stay in the border area, have to pay legal costs.

Access to the border area for legal entities will not change. The permitting procedure will remain the same.

According to authorities, this year more than 300 people were caught for violation of rules of stay in the border area. For such an offense will face administrative punishment – a warning or a fine in the amount from 40 to 90 euros for the first time. In second or subsequent violations – a fine of from 90 to 170 euros.