«Rosneft» and «Kommersant» entered into a settlement agreement

© Fotolia / FotolEdhar Business handshake. Archival photo«Rosneft» and «Kommersant» entered into a settlement agreement© Fotolia / FotolEdhar

«Rosneft» and «Kommersant» announced the conclusion of a settlement agreement in the claim of the oil company to the publishing house about protection of business reputation, «Kommersant» apologized and removed from a publication made «Rosneft» phrase, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the court.

«Because the settlement agreement does not contradict the law and does not affect the interests of third parties, signed by authorized persons, approved by the court… the Defendants (JSC «Kommersant» and Deputy chief editor of JSC «Kommersant» Dmitry Butrin — ed.) recognized the incorrectness of the contested claimant phrase contained in the article «Fixed three-year wait» from 14.08.2017 posted on the website «Kommersant», and the lack of an actual need in use by the defendants of the names of the plaintiff,» said the judge.

The defendants also admitted that had no purpose to disseminate information, discrediting the honor, dignity and business reputation of plaintiff or its leaders. «The defendant removes the reference to the plaintiff from the publication. Given the fact that the defendants to execute this settlement agreement has apologized in connection with the publication, the plaintiff sees no need in continuing litigation with the defendant… the parties will make a joint statement for mass media», — the judge read out the text of the agreement.

In November the representative of «Rosneft» declared in the Moscow arbitration court that the company can settle a world argument in its lawsuit against the newspaper «Kommersant» about protection of business reputation. Press Secretary of «Rosneft» Mikhail Leontyev explained to RIA Novosti that the company has received an apology from the «Kommersant» in the address of its head Igor Sechin and claims to publishing house no longer has.

The claim of «Rosneft» received in arbitration on 2 October. The company demanded refutation of the information given in the article of the Deputy chief editor of JSC «Kommersant» Dmitry Property «Fixed three-year wait». According to the plaintiff, the author of the text wrote about «conditional» top Manager of the company, but this example reinforces in the public mind a negative image of «Rosneft». The General Director of publishing house «Kommersant» Vladimir Zhelonkin, commenting to RIA Novosti information about filing a claim, then stated that he does not understand the essence of the claims and will wait for the decision of the court.

In mid-August on the website of the newspaper «Kommersant» published an article by Deputy chief editor of economic policy Dmitry Property «Fixed three-year wait» on amendments to the Ministry of Finance to the Federal law on procurement for state-owned companies. In this article the author, without naming anyone in particular cited as an example of conflict of interest, purchase anything of top managers of «Rosneft» from his wife. According to the author, such a transaction would be legal under current legislation to establish the court of the damage to the company.