Russia will not unilaterally abolish visas for EU citizens

© Flickr / Henrique BenteВиза of the Russian Federation the passport of a foreign tourist. Archival photoRussia will not unilaterally abolish visas for EU citizens© Flickr / Henrique Bente

Russia will not unilaterally abolish visas for EU citizens, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

«There are positive developments as regards the application of the Schengen rules. Within these rules there is a fairly wide range of possibilities, including giving a few days of the five-year multiple-entry visas. A number of EU countries, including the Italians, for example, are actively promoting this approach. And we respond, respectively, to reciprocate,» — said Lavrov, speaking on Friday at the «government hour» in the Federation Council.

«But to move fully to a visa-free regime with those who restrict the entry to his visa requirements, we can’t. Although with each party we prepared the relevant agreements to conclude with the countries of the EU, among other things,» said the Minister.

«Such a country as Russia, cannot do without reciprocity,» Lavrov added.