Scientists have discovered why half the people fail in Dating

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. Approximately half of the population of the planet is experiencing discomfort on dates and can’t find a mate not because of flaws in their character, and for evolutionary reasons, scientists say in an article published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

«Approximately every second person is experiencing difficulties in his personal life and in procreation. In most cases they are not related to something inside them something broken or not working properly – just that we were designed by evolution to life in a completely wrong environment in which we now live in,» said the Apostle Menelaus (Menelaos Apostolou) from the University of Nicosia (Cyprus).

The development of almost all multicellular living beings manages two factors – natural and sexual selection. In the first case, the evolution of conduct changing environmental conditions, and the second intraspecific competition for the opportunity to procreate. In this fight to win the «bright» individuals, which leads to the appearance of such useless ornaments like peacock tails or scallops roosters, which do not help, but hinder to survive.

The reasons for the existence of sexual selection remain the subject of debate among scientists – the part of biologists believes that it helps the populations to be prepared for sudden changes in conditions, while others believe that such competition protects the species from degeneration and support their competitiveness in the evolutionary «arms race».

The Apostle and his colleagues were interested in how the transition to settled life and development of a civilization can affect the sexual behavior of man and sexual selection. As suggested by the psychologist from Cyprus, changing lifestyles and the emergence of ever-changing social norms regulating the relations between the sexes, could be the reason why a lot of people today are unable for years to find their second half.

To answer this question the researchers conducted a survey among nearly two thousand students, who studied in the universities of Cyprus, asking them to talk about how easy they are Dating, how important they are to them and what problems in relations with the opposite sex they experience.

As shown by this survey, every second person said that he had serious difficulties during the first dates or when maintaining existing relationships, and another 20% said that they had problems both of nature. Such problems, according to psychologists, was equally typical of both guys and girls.

According to scientists, all these difficulties in communicating with the other sex have arisen not because of the unattractive appearance for unsuccessful students, problems with the sexual organs or their callous nature, but were due to evolutionary and social causes.

As the Apostle explains, the sexual behavior of a person is largely in control of his instincts, at the level of genes and adapted to life in the environment in which evolved his ancestors. This situation radically changed two centuries ago, during the first industrial revolution.

«We assume that most of these instincts originated in the time when a person has almost no choice in relations with the opposite sex – in most cases the bride or groom was chosen by the parents. These circumstances have changed recently and we just haven’t had time to adapt to them. In the past, introversion was not a problem for people, as the task of finding a suitable wife or husband decided the parents», — concludes the scientist.