The Council on human rights called the verdict Ulyukayev adequate

© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye in fotobelka Ulyukayev after sentencing in Zamoskvoretsky court. 15 Dec 2017The Council on human rights called the verdict Ulyukayev adequate© RIA Novosti / Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

Member of the Council on human rights (HRC), the head of the Commission for civic participation in the fight against corruption of the Council Kirill Kabanov called the sentence of former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev adequate and «even to some extent soft.»

The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow on Friday sentenced Alexei Ulyukayev to eight years in a strict regime colony and was fined 130 million rubles for receiving a bribe from the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin.

«Proceeding from the responsibility for the crime itself, which accused the speaker, the adequate punishment… the Penalty he must pay you can, property have had enough. We have people for lesser crimes put serious time, for less of a bribe and that the bribe and such a position is, of course, appropriate (the punishment)… even in some degree soft,» Kabanov said.

He added that the world has had enough of the processes for lessons corrupt officials, «but, unfortunately, practice shows that the situation does not change much: for example, in China the death penalty for it, and the number of sentences increases.»

Kabanov recalled that in modern Russia this is the first trial of a senior official.

«Of course, the verdict will seriously cheer up those who are dishonest. But they would still be careful and not as daring, but will continue this business, because for them it is a form of existence,» — said a member of the HRC.

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