The expert assessed the level counter-terrorism preparedness in Russia

© TSOs FSB Asciistring FSB. Archival photoThe expert assessed the level counter-terrorism preparedness in Russia© TSOs FSB of Russia

Russia is in a constant state of counter-terrorism readiness, facilitating the capture of terrorists, but doesn’t nullify the threat posed by «militant-single», said a member of the Council on foreign and defense policy major General (FSB) stock, the former head of public relations Centre (TSOs) of the FSB Alexander Mikhailov.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal security service prevented in Saint-Petersburg the activities of the supporters of the «Islamic state»* planned to carry out a terrorist attack on December 16. As a result of the Saint-Petersburg special operation on December 13-14 detained seven members of the cell who have seized a significant quantity of explosives, the components of improvised explosive devices, automatic weapons, and ammunition.

«We (Russia – ed.) changed the operational environment, the migration situation has changed, and the vigilance of citizens. It is an obvious fact. We live in a world of constant counter-terrorism preparedness. This facilitates the capture of terrorists», — said Mikhailov.

He noted that the statements about arrests and revelations of supporters* be taken as a positive phenomenon, but it «should not relax». «We know that a significant portion of terrorist attacks are carried out without the use of traditional means of committing crimes – without explosives, firearms,» — said Mikhailov.

«Much of the threat comes from so-called individuals who do not coordinate their actions with any organizations. Loners used in the Commission of terrorist acts transportation, household means,» — said the expert.

He also noted that the recent increase in detentions of members of the IG* associated with the capture of a large number of representatives of terrorist groups, through which the FSB is able to go to other terrorists and to prevent terrorist attacks.

*Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization