The Federation Council set the date for presidential elections

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The Federation Council has appointed the presidential elections on 18 March 2018. Senators agreed unanimously.

Thus, given the official start of the presidential election campaign and the candidates get the opportunity to sign up and start campaigning.

The duty to appoint elections of the President vested in the Council of the Federation Constitution.

The resolution on the election of the President will publish December 18, so it will take effect.

The campaign will begin immediately after the official publication in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta». According to the law, for it is given five days.


Regular elections of the President of Russia will be held in March 2018. The intention to run in the upcoming elections has already said the incumbent President of Russia Vladimir Putin, journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak, the political scientist Andrey Bogdanov and one of the founders of the movement «Nashi» Boris Yakimenko.

Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that he, as leader of the Communist party, was nominated as the presidential candidate of all party organizations, but the final decision of the Congress.

The liberal democratic party will nominate its presidential candidate at a Congress on December 20. As expected, it will be Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Candidates intend to stand and journalist Catherine Gordon, head of the Association of entrepreneurs for development of business of patriotism «Avanti» Rahman Yanakov, the leader of the party «Female dialogue» Elena Semerikova and entrepreneur Sergei Polonsky.

The President of the National parent Committee Irina Volynets and the leader of movement «the Renaissance» Alexander Chukhlebov, Director of the Institute of political sociology Vyacheslav Smirnov and expert in the field of social psychology Mikhail Kozlov also announced their presidential ambitions.

Putin is a candidate

Yesterday in Moscow hosted a large press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin in which he announced that he intends to go on the upcoming elections as the independent candidate.

He stated that he counts on the support of those political forces, who share his views on the country’s development and trust in him, as well as on the broad support of citizens.

The President has not yet decided who will head the election headquarters. He stressed that it is important that there were people supporting the policy, which is carried out in the country in recent years.

The reaction of politicians and the CEC

In the «United Russia» supported Putin’s decision. As said the leader of the faction of the EP Sergei Neverov, the party will «help».

In turn, the party leader «Fair Russia» Sergey Mironov called correct this move by Putin.

The CEC said that Putin will need to collect 300 thousand signatures of voters, and for one region must not be more than 7.5 thousand.
Deputy head of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev said that the self is always a more complex form of nomination.

«Already at the stage of nomination, the voter expresses his position in relation to the candidate, supporting or not supporting his signature his nomination», he stressed.

The reaction of the experts

As the Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin, the decision puts Putin in a very advantageous position as a candidate who comes from ordinary citizens.

«In fact, President Putin has long hinted by their actions, their pre-election activity that will elect this model extension. This distance from political forces», said the expert.

According to him, this statement by the head of state once again stressed that his campaign will be based on social points.

In turn, Chairman of the Institute for social and economic research Dmitry Badovsky said that Putin’s decision from a political point of view will be framed as a broad coalition nomination with the support of several political parties, public organisations and movements, civil society organizations, labor collectives.

According to him, representatives of all of these structures will be included in the initiative group for the nomination of the candidate, and Putin himself also will specially attend onf and «United Russia», which will receive the support of his candidacy, thus emphasized the supporting role of these organizations in the campaign of the President.

«Most likely, Putin will get support and a number of other political parties, including the parliamentary opposition party «Fair Russia». From these agencies, and non of the candidates, the original occurrence of the initiative group for the nomination of Putin, or the removal of nominated candidates in favor of Putin during the campaign», predicts Badovsky.

As noted by the political scientist, Deputy Director of the National Institute of modern ideology development Igor Shatrov, for Putin it is better to be a independent candidate. However, for the expert, this decision came as a surprise.

«This is probably one of the stages of the formation of a more flexible political system in the country when the President goes as the independent candidate. On the whole, we understand that people choose Putin, not Putin as the organizer and Creator of the «United Russia». That is him personally and not his party», concluded the Tents.