The former head of TSOs FSB urged not to demonize Telegram

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotomonster Telegram on the phone screen. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/12/67d0331a74d44947240bcbaf00ff568f.jpg" alt="The former head of TSOs FSB urged not to demonize Telegram" />© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

To demonize Telegram from the fact that it is used by the terrorists, does not make sense, because fighters can use other instant messengers or chat encrypted language, says a member of the Council on foreign and defense policy, major General (FSB) stock, the former head of public relations Centre (TSOs) of the FSB Alexander Mikhailov.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal security service prevented in Saint-Petersburg the activities of members of the IG* who planned to carry out a terrorist attack on December 16. As a result of the Saint-Petersburg special operation on December 13-14 detained seven members of the cell. TSOs FSB of the Russian Federation said that the leadership of the cell was carried out by the leaders of the organization from abroad through Telegram messenger.

«Do not demonize Telegram. But if they met in McDonald’s and discuss these issues? Remote contact of course less dangerous, but I wouldn’t demonize Telegram. They could use other messengers. They communicate in their bird language. Much of the information is in the format of conventions,» — said Mikhailov.

He explained that the terrorists are able to communicate in dialects, which may not be interpreters or special veiled phrases that are understandable only to them.

«They don’t talk because they are idiots. People who’ve had experience in clandestine activities. Even if they spoke in plain language is Russian, we would not have found the key words that would become the basis for suspicion» — said the expert.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.