The head of the Stockholm Catholic diocese named «Swede of the year»

© AFP 2017 / Alberto PizzoliПервый Swedish cardinal Lars Anders Arborelius. Archival photoThe head of the Stockholm Catholic diocese named «Swede of the year»© AFP 2017 / Alberto between pizzoli

. The owner of the title «Swede of the year», given on 12 th consecutive year, well-known local magazine «Focus» as in 2017, the Swedish cardinal Anders Arborelius for her role in the dialogue between indigenous and newly arrived Swedes.

«To present the Catholic Church in the country, the identity of which is primarily secular and Protestant in the second demands fearlessness. As head of the Stockholm Catholic diocese, the Swede of the year played a Central role in the dialogue between indigenous and newly arrived Swedes», — explained his choice of the jury, which decision published on the website of the journal.

Bishop Arborelius, who is 68 years old, head of the diocese in Stockholm since 1998. He became the first Swede on this post with 1500 years. In may of this year he also became the first Swede, which was given the title of cardinal. The cardinal previously said the Swedish media that he believes that the Catholic Church is growing in Sweden in connection with the immigration to the country, and that Catholics engaged in dialogue about the integration with representatives of other religions, as well as among Swedes and immigrants who live in the country for decades, and which could play a big role in helping new immigrants.

«We Swedes have difficulty in finding common ground with those who are coming. It largely depends on what we are severely lacking deeper pool of values. We have a culture of consensus, but when you want something deeper, something we do not. We repeat the words «open society» and on the other, not knowing really what it means,» said the Bishop, talking about religion and integration. Cardinal believes that a Catholic parish can learn that different people can live together when they have the same ideal — faith. He also noticed that religion is almost always regarded Sweden as an obstacle to integration, and that this is wrong.

The «Focus» magazine explains that in order to get the title required in accordance with adopted regulations to the activities of the owner pay attention «Sweden has changed for the better.» It does not require that the recipients were widely known in the country man. The Swede of the year is chosen by special jury, which consists of specialists from different scientific fields, as well as representatives of public and business life.