The «hole» in the capital of the PSB can reach 43 billion

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotobounce one of the branches of Promsvyazbank in Moscow. Archival photoThe «hole» in the capital of the PSB can reach 43 billion© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The total difference between liabilities and assets of PSB taken to reorganize the Bank of Russia on December 15 can be about 43 billion rubles, estimated by RIA Novosti head of the analytical Department of the Bank BKF Maxim Osadchy.

The Bank of Russia informed on Friday adopted a decision on reorganization of PSB, the beneficiaries of which are the brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananeva, through the management company of the Fund the consolidation of the banking sector. Central Bank decided not to impose a moratorium on satisfaction of requirements of creditors, and the Bank continues to work normally. By total assets at 1.4 trillion rubles, according to RIA Rating, the PSB on November 1, ranked tenth in the banking system of the Russian Federation.

«If, indeed, will the accrued reserves in the amount of 130 billion rubles, the Bank’s balance sheet will arise a «hole» in the amount of 43 billion rubles, based on the statements on 1 November. Own funds (capital) of the Bank will be reduced from 152,7 billion to 22.7 billion rubles, the adequacy ratio of own funds (capital) of the Bank of H1.0 will decrease to 2% against the minimum acceptable level of 8%,» — said Osadchiy.

According to the analyst, the basic capital of the Bank will be negative and will be minus 55,3 billion. «The trigger — of subordinated debt, it can be written off. Because of this, the market of subordinated debt Promsvyazbank there was panic,» — said Osadchiy. In particular, the market traded subordinated bonds of Promsvyazbank 13th issue (maturity February 1, 2018), denominated in rubles in the amount of 5 billion rubles at face value; currently, the Moscow exchange has applications for purchase only at the price of 50% of par.

The owners of the Bank Dmitry and Alexey Ananeva said in a joint statement that the reorganization of the PSB was the result of the decision of the Bank of Russia on additional reserves, was approved at the long audit of the Bank’s assets.

The newspaper «Vedomosti» on Thursday, citing sources reported that the Bank of Russia has demanded from the PSB to assess additional about 100 billion roubles of reserves. In turn, the press service of the Bank, RIA Novosti then reported that he had not received the instruction of the Central Bank, adding that we are talking about results of check of the Central Bank, which ended in may, but the inspection report has not yet been agreed.

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