The opening of the plant «Volgabas» is scheduled for December 21

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Pragapati in fotoracconti factory shop Volgabus company in Volgograd. Archival photoThe opening of the plant «Volgabas» is scheduled for December 21© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Pragapati the image Bank

Opening of the scientific-industrial complex «Volgabas» in the Vladimir region is scheduled for December 21 this year. Comments about this RIA Novosti said the Chairman of the Committee of public relations and mass media of administration of the Vladimir region, the press Secretary of the Governor of the region Rita Shlyakhova.

«This long-awaited project, which the head of the region gives priority. Governor of Vladimir region believes that the region should make a feasible contribution to the implementation of the major project associated with the transfer of public transport on environmentally friendly gas transportation,» said Rita Shlyakhova.

It is planned that the design capacity of the scientific-industrial complex «Volgabas» will amount to 1.2 thousand buses per year. The main products of the industrial complex will be buses of various classes and purposes, including such promising developments, like gas, electric and self-driving cars.

As noted by Rita Shlyakhova, the opening of the plant should contribute to the further development of local businesses.

«Vladimir oblast has given some tax incentives. The head of the region linking the opening of «Volgabas» with the further development of the local business, because the location is more than 30 local businesses. The number of those enterprises, which are involved in the production of «Volgabas» constantly growing», — said Shlyakhova.

The construction of the plant «Volgabas» were held for several years. Currently, the production of ready to run robotic lines, the first four welding cell with five robots have already taken in the work, three cells with four works are in the stage of installation and commissioning.

The welding process at the plant will be fully automated, which will provide high speed and stable quality. Welding will be carried out with consumable electrode in shielding gases.

In addition to the robot in the complex of the technological equipment of the plant will include automated warehouses for storing metal components and buses that the processes of receiving and issuing to production are controlled by the computer, and the delivery will be carried out using unmanned platforms.
Robotic complex anti-corrosion treatment and painting will increase the resource paintwork and bodywork in General, and significantly reduce the time of production.

Scientific and industrial complex is situated in sobinskiy district, Vladimir region, near to highway M7.