«The simpsons» predicted the deal Disney and Fox almost 20 years ago

© 20th Century Fox scene from the animated series the Simpsons«The simpsons» predicted the deal Disney and Fox almost 20 years ago© 20th Century Fox

One of the episodes of the famous American cartoon «the Simpsons» more than 19 years ago «predicted» deal of the conglomerate the Walt Disney Company and the company 21st Century Fox.

Conglomerate the Walt Disney Company on Thursday signed a deal with American media Mogul Rupert Murdoch to purchase most of its assets in companies 21st Century Fox 52.4 billion dollars. In a move Disney film Studio 20th Century Fox, the production company of TV channel Fox cable networks FX and National Geographic, as well as the company’s share in British Sky Fox – 39% controlling stake in streaming service Hulu.

In the episode of «the Simpsons» called When You Dish Upon A Star, which first was released on 8 November 1998, Homer Simpson meets with actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. At the end of the episode you can see the sign on the building with the inscription: «20th Century Fox, a unit of Walt Disney Co».

American media noted that the characters in the TV series «the Simpsons» is not the first time the «predict» important American news. So, episode 2000, called Bart to the Future «predicted» that one day a US President will be Donald trump. The character Lisa Simpson, who became the new U.S. President, said at the inauguration: «As you know, we inherited a large budget deficit from President trump».

The Walt Disney Company was founded in October 1923 by brothers Walter and Roy Disney as a small animation Studio, is currently one of the largest Hollywood studios. Owns a number of theme parks and water parks, as well as networking broadcasting. The headquarters is located in Burbank, California.