The theatre «SDI» will be held Russian premiere of «Susannah»

© Photo : Natalia Cabinetr School of dramatic art in Moscow. Archive photoThe theatre «SDI» will be held Russian premiere of «Susannah»© Photo : Natalia Cheban

Moscow theatre «School of dramatic art» (SDI) on Friday and Saturday will represent the Russian premiere of «Susannah» at the same play the iconic Norwegian playwright yuna Fosse staged by Director Alexander Ogarev, starring people’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Simonov.

«I was interested in the work of this Norwegian playwright after working on four of his plays at the request of the Norwegian Embassy. Have yuna fossés your anyone not like the style, its poetic original language», — told RIA Novosti the Ogarev.

The choice of the play «Suzanne», according to the Director, was due to the fact that he had long wanted to work again with actress Evgenia Simonova. The experience he already had in performance «Month in village» in the Mayakovsky theater.

The play’s main character, Susanna is the wife of world famous playwright Henrik Ibsen, who after his death eight years never left the house and continued to wait for her husband to speak with him, with his enemies, mistresses. «Amazing story, amazing woman monologues which allow us to understand the scale of the individual Ibsen, real genius, an incredible man who at 65 years conquered the hearts of girls. Learn about how painful was the Genesis of his works as it was a complex figure, he was a vicious man,» said the Ogarev.

In the play three Suzanne — three age of the main character in the performance of the three Actresses. Suzanne seventy plays Eugene Simon, who not long ago created the image of the wife of one of the writer — a Russian genius Leo Tolstoy in the play of theatre of a name of Mayakovsky «Russian novel». «I had not set the plays by Ibsen, has not happened yet, but I’ve always wanted to work with his drama,» said Ogarev.

The end of the year the Director terminates the premiere of the play by Norwegian dramatist, and in January he goes to Croatia, where he will be put in the National theatre of the famous Chekhov play «the Cherry orchard». The premiere is scheduled for March, said Director of RIA Novosti.