Voters can apply to vote at another site

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Voters can apply to vote in the election day of the President of Russia on March 18 at the site where they will be convenient, in the territorial election Commission on January 31, and in the precinct — from February 25, said the head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova.

«Now, any voter, wherever he may be, can be attached to any polling station. For this it is enough, starting from January 31, 2018 to apply in any territorial election Commission, from February 25 — in any precinct Commission, and choose the area where it is convenient for him will vote,» — said Pamfilova in the Federation Council after the adoption of the resolution on appointment of presidential elections.

She explained that the voter upon the filing of such a statement will be transferred from the list of voters at the polling station to which it is attached, in the list on the site where he wants to vote; this procedure will be done via State automated system «Elections».

In the elections of the President of Russia on March 18 will apply a new mechanism for the voting of citizens at the place of actual residence, which has replaced absentee ballots.

The corresponding statement for voting on another site where the voter is convenient — can be issued in territorial and precinct election commissions, multifunctional centres and through the portal of public services. The voter may file such a Declaration as to your election Committee at the place of registration and election Commission at the place of the actual location during the period no earlier than 45 and not later than 5 days before the election. People who decide shortly before election day (for 4 days or less) to vote at the other site can also make a special statement with a protective mark in your precinct electoral Commission.

Acceptance of applications to the territorial election commissions on the territory of the Russian Federation, through the MFC and the portal will start 45 days before the presidential elections in district election commissions 20 days before the voting day.

Voters who will be abroad, may also apply to any district Commission, formed at the foreign polling station for the vote of Russians on the presidential elections; to do this they will be able, starting from the next day after the formation of the precinct election Commission but not later than 10 days before the election.