Cremation, garbage, tires. What spoils the environment

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This year, held under the sign of respect for the environment, society expected intensified the debate around incinerators and crematoria — many ordinary people believe that these businesses are very harmful. Environmentalists disagree and most of the blame for urban air pollution impose on motorists and chemical plants.

«The question about the dangers of emissions from crematoria have been relevant 25 or 30 years ago, when the burning of corpses was carried out at a temperature of about 800⁰С. But technology has changed significantly, and nowadays in a furnace for 1100-1200⁰С that allows you to completely eliminate hazardous emissions, including to inhibit the formation of dioxins,» says RIA Novosti, Anatoly Yudin, a staff member of the all-Russian Institute of scientific and technical information Russian Academy of Sciences.

But ash remaining from the incineration of waste that contains dioxins — toxic compounds that can seriously harm the environment. If the ash just buried in the ground, in the end there will be only about 2% of the dioxins, and the rest will be in the air, which carry them over long distances. For humans these compounds are dangerous because it easily and quickly accumulate in the body, but are excreted slowly. Large concentrations can cause problems with fertility and fetal development, destruction of the immune system and cause cancer.

The structure of dioxins, toxic substances, harmful to the environmentCremation, garbage, tires. What spoils the environment, the Structure of dioxins, toxic substances, harmful to the environment

A much more serious threat to people and nature than the crematorium and incinerators, are the chemical enterprise, especially the older ones, such as in Chelyabinsk, where the production technology does not meet modern requirements. Moscow relatively lucky, with most factories on its site in the food processing industry, excluding oil refining factory in Kapotnya. It really sometimes starts to smell, as such companies are stored mercaptan. Sulfur is a substance with the aroma of «rotten cabbage» is found in many grades of oil.

Today, with the aim of reducing harm from waste incineration should first solve the problem is not thermal waste processing and burial of ashes. For this purpose it is enough to dig into impenetrable silos. Unfortunately, it is quite a large expenditure of funds, and not just the factory agrees to this introduction,» admits Anatoly Yudin.

However, in the heavy odor of large cities is to blame, not only industry, but drivers who love to drive. It is not only exhaust gases, but also that under heavy braking on the asphalt from the not too high quality rubber separated microparticles. Among them — extremely aggressive and toxic chemical substances: aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene), catanzariti (formaldehyde, phenol), sulfur dioxide.

© Illustration RIA Novosti . Aline Paladincecil rubber flying from the wheels, is accumulated in the lungsCremation, garbage, tires. What spoils the environment© Illustration RIA Novosti . Aline Paladincecil rubber flying from the wheels, is accumulated in the lungs

Tiny particles of tyre dust can enter the lungs and cause respiratory disease, when in contact with mucous membrane and skin — conjunctivitis and allergic reactions. Therefore, the smooth stop not only reduces accident risk, but also improves the ecological situation in the city. And, of course, the tire is better to buy quality.