From superspy to bear: Putin Team started the selection of the symbolism movement

© Alex Codecoverage in potamanthidae the national team of Russia Alexander OvechkinFrom superspy to bear: Putin Team started the selection of the symbolism movement© Alex Codiscovered the image Bank

In Putin Team started the choice of the symbolism of movement, the vote of the participants of «Putin’s Team» will run until 24 December.

The winner will be determined by voting of participants of the Putin Team and evaluation expert group, which included well-known designers, according to the website movement.

Participate in the voting, 82 works, among which are as a professional designer and Amateur concepts. Many of them used the colors of the Russian flag: white, blue and red.

In the works are found not only different variants of the inscription «Putin Team», but also actively uses the image of the President of the Russian Federation, who has already announced his intention to run for presidency in 2018. Vladimir Putin presented artists, for example, in the image of the superspy, fighting fantastical creatures, or in the role of the hero, transforming into a bear.

Hockey player Alexander Ovechkin, who, since 2005, plays for the club NHL Washington capitals and is its captain, in early November announced that creates a social movement for Team Putin — «Putin’s Team». He said that it has always openly supported the President of Russia and noted that the purpose of the social movement will be the Union of all supports Putin in one team to «show a strong and United Russia.»

The Kremlin welcomed the initiative of the organization, but noted that they do not know in what form will be implemented by the initiative of the athlete.