In Sevastopol have selected the best champagne Russia

© Depositphotos / dteuropeБокалы with champagne. Archival photoIn Sevastopol have selected the best champagne Russia© Depositphotos / dteurope

In Sevastopol took place the fourth edition of the tasting of Russian sparkling wine «Russian game». Become the best in seven categories competed 28 sparkling wines from 10 producers reported from the scene correspondent of RIA Novosti Crimea.

The majority of participants were companies from the Crimea and Sevastopol. Two producers of the Kuban, one of Rostov region.

Wines were evaluated six sommeliers on a 100-point system. Criteria for the evaluation of sparkling wine are standard for such contests: purity of taste, aroma, balance, acidity. The tasting was held behind closed doors — manufacturers have been disclosed in the contest. But the voting process can be monitored online.

In the category of best white champagne method won wine «Temelin Brut» from the «Lefkadia» in the category best rosé champagne method «Temelin Brut rose» from the «Lefkadia», best white sparkling Brut tank method was the «Balaklava Reserve» from the «Golden Beams», the best pink sparkling tank method was the «Brut rosé» from SevWineArt.

In the category of best dessert wine of the winners of the two «Cabernet franc» from the «Phanagoria» and «Sevastopol sparkling (red)» from «Sevastopol winery».

The best in the category extra Brut and zero dosage was the «Pinot Noir» from Cock t est belle harvest in 2013, it became the best points in the overall classification, the best farming sparkling wine and best sparkling of Russia.