In St. Petersburg police and two road workers killed in road accident

© RIA Novostima assistance at the accident scene. Archival photoIn St. Petersburg police and two road workers killed in road accident© RIA Novosti

The investigating authorities in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on the fact of road accident in which killed a police officer and two road workers, reports the regional Directorate of the RF IC.

The accident occurred in the night of Saturday on Krasnoselsky highway.

«Policeman-driver OP PPSP UMVD of Russia in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, driving a personal Audi car collided with a parked car «Gazelle». In the accident, a police officer and 2 workers carrying out road works, died at the scene, another worker was hospitalized at the hospital where he is given necessary medical care», — stated in the message.

Upon road accident criminal case under article «violation of traffic rules». Currently being investigated all the circumstances of the incident.

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