In the Polish Katowice are protesting because of a change in Soviet square

© RIA Novosti / Philip Climatescience in fotomontagen with the flag of Poland. Archival photoIn the Polish Katowice are protesting because of a change in Soviet square© RIA Novosti / Philip Climatescience the image Bank

The inhabitants of Katowice in Silesian Voivodeship, Poland gathered to protest against the renaming of the square writer Rona szewczyk in the area of Maria and Lech Kaczynski, informs radio RMF FM.

Mexico has recently enacted a law banning «the propaganda of communism or another totalitarian regime in the names of buildings, objects and facilities for public use». He obliges local authorities to rename streets and squares bearing the «totalitarian» names. According to the latest data of the Institute of national remembrance of Poland, in accordance with the law, you need to change the names of about 1500 street.

«Several hundred people gathered in the square Wilhelm szewczyk in Katowice to protest against changing the name of the Silesian writer», — stated in the message.

The decision of the Silesian Voivod area should now carry the name of Maria and Lech kaczyński (President of Poland and his wife dead in plane crash in 2010 – ed.).

The protest was organized in the Katowice organization of the party Civil platform, as well as other associations, are critical to the decision of the magistrates.

Deceased 26 years ago Wilhelm szewczyk was a publicist, writer, critic and activist of the Communist party in the period of the NDP. That last was the reason for renaming the square.

Speaking during Saturday’s protest, a linguist from the Institute of Polish literature University of Silesia Professor Maciej Tramer said that he has no doubt that szewczyk was a writer very important and meaningful. He left behind dozens of books, poems, novels, articles, translations.

In his opinion, the decision in respect of the Shevchik has a tendentious character, and the preservation of memory about him is «a matter of decency».

The protesters demanded to leave the square the old name and call on the Governor to cancel the decision. They brought signs saying «I’m on square szewczyk, not Kaczynski».

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