Mattis said the lack of problems in the discussions with the trump of Russia

© 2017 AFP / Saul Loeb the U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis and U.S. President Donald trump. Archival photoMattis said the lack of problems in the discussions with the trump of Russia© 2017 AFP / Saul Loeb

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said Friday that no problems in discussion with President Donald trump with the Russian theme.

Earlier this week the Washington Post reported that the trump does not like when his national security team to discuss with him the Russian theme. In this regard, the journalists asked Mattis, not whether he seeks to avoid mention of Russia.

«No, I don’t have anything. As the President is not showing any resistance when I discuss with him to Russia in the context of national security. Of course, it comes when discusses Syria, NATO or other issues,» — said the Minister.

According to him, representatives of the intelligence community «do not show shyness, including at discussions at the White house.»

The journalists also asked if Mattis with the fact that Russia attempted invasion of U.S. elections. «Yes, I believe they did it», — said the head of the Pentagon.

The investigation of the alleged Russian «interference in the American election» as well as alleged links trump with Moscow that refute as the White house and the Kremlin, is in the FBI and in Congress.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of trying to influence the elections in different countries, as press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov called them «completely unfounded». The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking about alleged Russian intervention in elections in the United States, France, Britain and Germany said there was no evidence to support this, no.