Nebesa and Klimkin joined the debate at a meeting of the UN security Council on DPRK

© AP Photo / The United Nations/Evan SchneiderПостоянный Russia’s representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia. Archival photoNebesa and Klimkin joined the debate at a meeting of the UN security Council on DPRK© AP Photo / The United Nations/Evan Schneider

Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia advised the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin to talk about the situation in the country at each meeting of the Security Council.

On Friday, the UN security Council held a Ministerial meeting on North Korea, which was attended by foreign Ministers and Vice-Ministers of five countries-members of the Council and Vice Minister of South Korea. Klimkin in his speech, called North Korea a «client» of Russia, which makes a «dangerous imbalance» in the international security system. He also touched on the issue of «continued occupation of the territory of Ukraine, a country with nuclear weapons and Russian military aggression against Ukraine.»

«I would like Minister Klimkin, who was speaking here today to recommend to highlight their presence the Security Council meeting, where the presentation of their legends about what happened and what is happening in Ukraine is at least in a remote degree to fit the agenda of this body,» — said the Russian Ambassador, concluding his speech.

Ukraine the last two years, is a non-permanent member of the UN security Council, its membership will expire on 31 December.

Klimkin said Russia’s permanent representative, that «it was about Russia violating the Budapest Memorandum and miscellaneous fixed on paper and not recorded liabilities, which created an atmosphere of impunity and contributed to the current situation.» He stressed that the President of the security Council, the foreign Minister of Japan talked about the DPRK in the context of violations of international law, the abduction and illegal arrest of people and the imposition of sanctions. The same position, in his words, it is possible to tell and about Russia.

Nebesa said that will not join with the EU in the «debate on the merits.» «I am glad that today there is a lot of people, because they had the opportunity to see firsthand the disrespect of the Ukrainian delegation to the UN security Council and other member countries», — concluded the Ambassador.