Nikita Panfilov supported the semifinalist of the project «You are super! Dancing»

© Photo : PR Nvolutions contest You are super! Dancing Sergey Kozybaev from actor Nikita Panfilov and leading Alexander OleshkoNikita Panfilov supported the semifinalist of the project «You are super! Dancing»© Photo : PR NTV

On Saturday 16 December will be the last semi-finals of the NTV project «You’re super! Dancing.»

To support the contestants before the big concert always come well-known artists. So, for semi-finalist Sergei Kozybaeva came to the shooting actor Nikita Panfilov.

Sergei lives in an orphanage. Now going to College for pastry chef. Dancing is his main passion. He especially likes Vogue, krump and hip-hop. A young man dreams of becoming a famous choreographer.

«This is my second visit to the project and get unforgettable emotions. Room Sergei of course, I was amazed, because he somehow stands out from all that came before it. Can be seen that the technique worked splendidly. I wonder how and at what level children are on this project,» he said.

The final composition of the finalists will be formed in the end of the issue, which the NTV channel will show Saturday at 21:00

International contest «You’re super! Dance», conducted by the NTV and the international news Agency and radio Sputnik, will bring together talent from different corners of Russia and CIS countries and Baltic States and will give children the chance to fulfill their dreams.